High-Density Tap Module®

Optiworks' High density passive optical TAPs modules with published patent allow you to passively monitor your fiber network with less space and lower cost. Up to 36 TAP Links can be installed in a 1RU space, making the highest possible density of monitoring and security infrastructure. And yet the patented design provides easy access for installation and maintenance. No any tool or special cabling are required. The TAP modules are flexible and scalable, supporting up to 6 of 1Gb/10Gb/40Gb/100Gb (LC) or 3 of 40Gb/100Gb (MPO)TAPs each module, available in multimode (MM) and single mode (SM). The split ratio can be customized from 50/50 to 99/1. The advanced thin film technology is adopted to minimize the insertion loss and mode sensitivity. The TAP module is secured by the magnets in the chassis. It offers the fiber management solution and easy plug/unplug of the TAP modules as well. The product is compatible with all major brands monitoring devices, ideal for security, network monitoring and analysis.
High-Density Tap Monitor_480x380_v2